Github Integration: Language mapping & automatically generated PO files

Hi community,
I have an inquiry regarding github action integration of Crowdin. We basically have managed to upload our sources to crowdin, and fetch back the translations using the crowdin action mostly successfully. We have left with only one problem we could not configured or found a way around.
The case is, we basically have two chinese target languages, chinese traditional and chinese simplified. For chinese traditional we use “zh_tw”, and chinese simplified we use “zh”. As we configured this mapping in our config.yml file and also crowdin project settings; the translations are successfully working. Only problem is, while generating zh_tw.po file, the crowdin DOES NOT pay attention to the manual mapping, and sets the “Language: zh\n” inside the PO file. Which essentially should be zh_tw as the file name.
I wonder if there is a configuration we are missing or actually a bug.
Looking forward to hear any inputs.

Hi @OnderIlkeSever ! We have also received your request on and will be glad to continue our communication there :wink:

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