Github Integration fails to parse .ts file

I just set up my first project and activated the Github integration. The sync failed with the following message:

TS localization file is invalid. Error in the line 208, column 2

This is the file:
It fails because of satisfies BaseTranslation but that is valid typescript. Is there any workaround or some settings that will help with this?

Do you see that message on Github? If you manage to add and translate the file successfully in your project, then it should be exported just fine, we do not change file structure on export

no that message is from the project integrations page on crowdin. I can’t import the file. It shows the issue on importing.


Let us check this with devs and update you. Or you may also check in online validators if your file is correct

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Hi there!

Just got some updates from our tech team and we’ve created the task CN-41926 for them to improve the TS parser as it doesn’t recognize the construction } satisfies BaseTranslation;

We’ll keep you posted,

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Thank you very much!