Error message when Build & Download project

Hello, yesterday I’ve added 83 strings into my file, ask translator to do the work. About hour ago I tried to build and download the project from homepage, system stuck at 99% and then pop up a response like “error occurred please contact support”.

I though, well, maybe, maybe it’s 1 time glitch or something with platform servers, I’ll try later. I wait for 10-15 minutes, do build and download one more time and same error is shown to me.

Why is that happening? It started only today, before that new translations all were good.

Hi Voldemar, most likely there’s an issue with tag mismatch. What file format do you use? Try to open these 83 stings in the Editor and go one by one. I’m sure in one or few of them tags inside translation or source are broken, that’s why the build fails. After tags replacement or string deleting all should work fine.