Does Crowdin support multiple users working in 1 file with logging in task?

Never used tasks on advanced level before, so I’m wondering how they work. Is it possible to have 1 user translation the first chapter of book, 2nd to translate 2-3 chapters, and 3rd to translate the final chapters? Nice to have all of this within 1 task and don’t separate the book into few files with chapters.

Almost available out of the box. If you wish exactly chapter by chapter, in case you know how exactly each chapter contains words, use default task spliting option,

The 1st assigned user will get the first words (from beginning of the file), and them 1 by 1 users will be in queue.

So, in case let’s say book has 300 words, 100 per each chapter, 3 chapters in total, would be enough to assigns user 1 to 100 words, that user 2 to another 100 words, then user 3 to another 100 words (the last words, final chapter).

In case you dont know chapters wordcount, well, only splitting the file is an option.