Different language codes

Hello, I’m experiencing some issue (but I guess it should be easily fixed with some changes in settings so category for this topic is general).

In few words, I have Spanish and few versions of Spanish. They are not dialects so I don’t want all translations to be the same. My questions are next:

  1. How to achieve different language codes on export? Right now they’re all “es”, I want them to be like “es-s” “es-k” and so one.
  2. How to make process faster without using dialect sharing translation? I know it fills on export all files with “parent” (Classical Spanish) translations, but I’d like to let’s say speed up the process without this option.

I hope someone can point me, thanks for suggestions!

Hi there,

For the first one, try language mapping. You can customize the code of language with it, just don’t forget to keep them in 1 style.

I mean, in translation export patter write down let’s say %locale%

And for language add also style in locale pattern.

For example:

Spanish, Latin America → %locale% → es-l
Spanish → %locale% → es-s
Spanish (any other) → %locale% → es-another

and so on, so on.

For 2nd one, only TM pre translate may help, but even if you set it up automatically, you’ll still need Translation memory, so the workflow would be: 1) translate language one 2) build project 3) download translation memory for language one 4) open at laptop, change language code into the one you need 5) upload as memory to needed language 6) run the pre translate. Its totally yours decision but personally I’d rather stay with dialects as they keep things easy and fine. It would be faster to change few stings after receiving dialect translation than adding translation one by one to whole file.