Difference between API and Github integration

Hi, I see you have an API guys, and it’s possible to upload files with this tool. How does it work? I am now uploading everything from GitHub integration, but I don’t think that GitHub and API are same (at lease from logical point of view). Maybe Github Actions are different?
Just wondering about differences, I’m not developer and need to choose the best way of work so my tech team would set up everything for our localization.

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GitHub integration uses Crowdin’s API to upload files and translations - you can automate this process with a synchronization schedule. Otherwords, it’s already made integration, you can connect it with 1 button and spent 5 minutes on set up.

If you desire to upload files from the local devices you may use direct API methods. They provide you with more flexible possibilities but requires time to create an automated integration.

Github actions is something in the middle of them (at least for me)

All of the approaches provide you with approximately same results, so it’s only the point in how many custom options you need. If you’re good right now with Github, there’s no need to switching.

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