Deleted the source file...

All translations, comments, and approved lines have been deleted. How to get everything back?

File was updated with new key identificators. Most likely after a branch merge from github or something like that.

Revert the revision (it’s in Files tab, near file string quantity and 3 bullets of settings) or run the pre translation from TM (but it wull not restore comments)

I uploaded back the old source file, but it didn’t help. :sob:

Hello @Katranius

Your project duplicate settings are “hide - all share the same translation”. Uploading an old file means it will become a duplicate of an already existing one, and strings inside it will share its translations.

You’re on the Free plan, which lacks the Revision management feature. I activated this feature for you from my side for 72 hours. After that, it will expire.

Now, you can revert the file to previous revisions. Before doing that, you can safely delete the new file you uploaded, so that only the working one remains.

Hello @Dima

Thank you of course, but…
I deleted the original file on February 25 earlier. And the two revisions that are there now were uploaded after deletion.
I’m afraid rolling back the version won’t return my comments and endorsements.

Hello @Katranius

In this case, you are right. Comments can be brought back only if you store the file with translations somewhere, maybe locally, maybe on GitHub, and if this file supports comments to translations.

If not - please use the solution @GeorgeThranspaw proposed (Translation memory pre-translation). It should bring back the translations, but without comments, likes, and authority.