Custom folder names in multi client project

Hi there!

I created a crowdin project that should be the home for multiple translation targets (think android client, iOS client, api, website, …).

All projets are connected via Github or Bitbucket integrations.
This leads to a folder structure named like the git branches of the target repositories, which does not look nice and is not easy to understand for our translators.

Is there a way to import into custom folder names with those integrations? For example that android strings will be put in /clients/android/… while the API project will live in /backend/api/…?

I tried to rename an imported folder, but that seems to sever the connection to the integration; a re-sync will just create a new folder with the original name.

Thank you for any hints you can give me!

Hello @cornelius.schiffer

You use multiple repositories?

Well, not direct all-in-one solution could be here. But something can be done for sure.

This one should help with file path renaming Configuration File | Crowdin Developer Portal
It’s usable for both translators and managers, because in Crowdin path of files can be totally different to GitHub.

If it’s only translators moment, just rename title Files Management | Crowdin Documentation
Settings → title that appears to translators, so once they open the editor, they would be see the needed file names

Can’t say for sure whether it’s possible to do for branches or folders, because if you have Multiple repository connected, the greyed sub name in scopes (something) is already added to mark the branch (as far as each repository has master, and so one).

Plus take into an account that with direct connectors (like Github) Crowdin just grabs the content from Git, so it cannot be totally customized in the all ways you might wish. If you wish so, use API instead, it would allow you to have any folders/files in Crowdin, manage the translations given by Crowdin somewhere in your laptop, and then upload them into Github in a way you want.