CSV String Exporter build fails: Custom format endpoint is unreachable

I am facing an issue where all my builds (using crowdin’s csv exported) are failing very often. I get the following error:

Build failed. CSV String Exporter: Files were not exported. Custom format endpoint is unreachable

I cannot find any further information about this anywhere, so I am not sure if this is an issue on my side or crowdin’s.

Often when I access the CSV String Exporter tab, I also get a “App not found” message.

Any help here would be very appreciated, as this is making my builds very flaky and makes it impossible to rely on crowdin for continuous integration.

Thank you!

Hi rootrigo,

I will be happy to help,

Can you please share to support@crowdin.com email the id of your Crowdin project so I can check the logs from our side?

Looking forward to your reply,

Email sent, thank you for your support