Crowdin Enterprise, proofreading/approving phrases is not so easy and quick as it was

Before migration to Enterprise Proton, i was proofreading in a translation mode as it was more convenient to me (possibly for the reason that when i approved a string, system jumped to next string and without moving mouse cursor i was able to approve next one, in Proofread mode i have to waste time aiming/moving mouse cursor down to next one, scrolling), now in Enterprise in the Translation mode I am unable to see the button to approve translations. Only voting buttons +/-. :neutral_face:

Enterprise is designed to match the workflow. Far better for managers. If you need to proofread stings, you choose proofread workflow step, if you just translating - you choose translation step. A long way to explain the reason, but for managers itโ€™s far more better than default Editor without steps separation.

If you wish you can just have 2 windows in browser at a time, one for proofread, another for translation.

I do not think that Marcos reply address mine described issue well or at all. So if possible someone else (not Marcos) reply.

In Crowdin Enterprise logic of editor is bound to workflow steps. Maybe youโ€™re not assigned into proofread step, only to translation? You can find some editor guidance here.