Copy languages and language mapping from public project

It is possible to prefill languages from a own project, but is it possible to copy from another public one? Specifically I am talking about Minecraft, and my project being a mod the languages and mappings should match.

If you know their managers you can ask them for providing you with language copy. If they wish show, they will do. But 99% public projects are more open source. Like you can translate them, you can work with them, you can enjoy translated into ur language product or game, but you can use the translations for you own purposes.

Thanks for your answer. Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I only want the languages, not the translations.
I have an unofficial list of languages and their language code, but I want to avoid manually enabling every language + mapping myself. Not just because it’s tedious, but also to avoid any typos or mismatches.

There’s no copy of project or so. Languages are added from databases of Crowdin, there’s no possibility of typo. If it’s some custom one, then, well, you need to be careful and write them down with patience.

Typo in terms of the custom language code and matching the 20 Spanish languages. I’ll leave the link the the mapping I’m talking about here: Language – Minecraft Wiki
Thanks for the responses, it seems like I have to add them manually.

Hello all,

@Luke100000 there’s no possibility for you to copy or transfer their language settings into your project. If you have good contact with Minecraft, you can invite someone from their management team into your project, so this member can assist you with setup.

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