CLI download source command throws "No sources found" starting on v3.12.0

Hi, we have a CI/CD process in place that downloads a source file from crowdin, compare it with a generated source from our API and then if there are changes it uploads it to crowdin. This process was working without issues until v3.12.0 of the crowdin/cli (docker image). Since that version the source file is not downloaded any more. If we switch back to use the previous version of the cli (3.11.0) it works as expected, this confirms that no other changes have been done on the project/files structure, tokens, etc… Look at this example:

With v3.11.0:

`docker run \
   -v `pwd`:/libs/i18n-labels/source \
   crowdin/cli:3.11.0 \
   crowdin download \
            sources \
            --token=${CROWDIN_TOKEN} \
            --project-id=${_CROWDIN_PROJECT_ID} \
            --dest=/libs/i18n-labels/source/datasets.json \
            -s=/opt/project/locales/datasets-crowdin.json \
            -b=develop \
            -t=/libs/i18n-labels/%two_letters_code%/%original_file_name% \

we got this result:

Unable to find image 'crowdin/cli:3.11.0' locally
3.11.0: Pulling from crowdin/cli
f56be85fc22e: Pull complete 
667e1f563100: Pull complete 
c02197d562e3: Pull complete 
8eac74f20d18: Pull complete 
4a50e096c160: Pull complete 
011963c43a2c: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:8ee47d469073ddca68acc2411175e4444f213247294a5d313042a4086791cd39
Status: Downloaded newer image for crowdin/cli:3.11.0
✔️  Fetching project info     
✔️  File 'libs/i18n-labels/source/datasets.json'

│          New version of Crowdin CLI is available! 3.11.0 -> 3.12.0           │
│      Changelog:       │
│                    Please update for the best experience!                    │

but using 3.12.0:

docker run \
   -v `pwd`:/libs/i18n-labels/source \
   crowdin/cli:3.12.0 \
   crowdin download \
            sources \
            --token=$CROWDIN_TOKEN \
            --project-id=${_CROWDIN_PROJECT_ID} \
            --dest=/libs/i18n-labels/source/datasets.json \
            -s=/opt/project/locales/datasets-crowdin.json \
            -b=develop \
            -t=/libs/i18n-labels/%two_letters_code%/%original_file_name% \

the source file is not found

Unable to find image 'crowdin/cli:3.12.0' locally
3.12.0: Pulling from crowdin/cli
8a49fdb3b6a5: Pull complete 
f457164c9598: Pull complete 
2fd0194538b9: Pull complete 
3254fd0d2545: Pull complete 
ae81f716ecd6: Pull complete 
4e5a91a277e6: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:8adca9a16c23380eb50a363fd1f31faf84c5c321f4a2411165d3e3eb58ee9e12
Status: Downloaded newer image for crowdin/cli:3.12.0
✔️  Fetching project info     
⚠️  No sources found for '/libs/i18n-labels/source/datasets.json' pattern. Check the source paths in your configuration file

I’ve reviewed the documentation but I haven’t seen any change there. Have anyone experienced the same problem? Is there any configuration/arguments that should be modified to use v3.12.0?
Thanks in advance,

Just tested few calls from my side with 3.12.0 and all works fine. Maybe it’s something related to particularly your setup, with this comparison?

Have you checked change logs to see what’s missing?