Can the reformatting step be disabled?

I am new to Crowdin and I try to use it for my Android project.

Once I started I noticed that Crowdin would create a pull request. In there, each new “translation” language file would be a copy of the “source” file (English in my case). If the “translation” language file already existed it would reformat the file to match the format of the “source” file.

I was quite confused about the reformatting. Is this an optional step which I can omit?

Hi there, not sure whether I get you right, but in case I did, then no, it’s not optional.

It should be possible out of the box to add same translation as a source. It’s only quite questionable when you upload translation, then you need to enable “allow translation to match sources” checker.

Regarding reformatting itself, once file is added to Crowdin, system re-builds it under the hood, parses or something like that. Other words, it’s not exact your file, but a parsed mirrored image of that.

Try referring to these articles but I’m sure that it’s a system based behavior that can’t be changed.

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